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To listen to a radio interview with Cris LaBossiere on the topic of getting getting started with healthy living, go to the CJOB audio vault forSeptember 7, 2008 8:00am. The interview starts at about 8:12 am and was on the Weekend WakeUp Show with Kevin Wallace.

Start here for healthy living

There are reasons for the greater than 95% failure rate in trying to lose weight and get fit; not willing to change habits/ values long term, and no clear objectives other than the desire for a superficial quick fix are at the top of the list.

Luckily the first steps to a healthier you are very simple, easy to implement, and produce results you can see and feel. Here are the bare bones first steps to take..


Put on your shoes and walk.

Upgrade: Add short hills or a few flights of stairs; you don't need to go fast or far, just go up.


Eat less. Whatever you are currently eating, cut back on it. Reduce your portion sizes.

Upgrade: Amend the portions of the foods you do eat; increase the veggies, fruits, and grains, reduce the packaged/ processed foods, high fat and high sugar foods.

Eating a piece of fruit or munching on a carrot; what could be easier? A banana will set you back about 25 cents, and tastes great. A carrot is half that price and one carrot contains your vitamin A intake for the whole day.

Want fast and convenient food? The fastest, cheapest, most convenient foods you can get are fruits and veggies. Want a great tasting nutrient dense mini meal? 1% chocolate milk is cheaper and more quickly consumed than a cheesy cheeseburger.

1% chocolate milk contains protein and carbs, is low fat, and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Can't do milk? Most soy milk products have calcium added to them to match the calcium found in cows milk.


This really ought to be at the top of the list. You've heard the saying, "free your mind and the rest will follow" (made famous by the girl group En Vogue). It's true.

Lamenting and complaining about healthy choices is a sure sign of failure to come. Why would you commit to something that turns you off?

Open up to the idea that healthy choices are rewarding and you'll get there sooner than you think.

You need to believe that high calorie, high fat meals and deserts are not a reward, and that great tasting healthy food is a reward. Don't get all extreme here, healthy eating can include eating cake, just not half the cake. Did you know you can make a cake without butter or table sugar as ingredients and have it taste BETTER than a traditional cake?

Understand that changing your sense of reward will take time. You need to give yourself time to adapt, and give yourself a chance at success by conceding to a few failures along the way.

The greatest source of hope I believe is that no matter how out of shape you may be, your body will instantly respond to healthy choices. Get some nutrient dense food in your body and you will feel better. Get some exercise and you will feel better.

Combine diet and exercise and research shows that every system in your body improves dramatically.

For more details on all things diet and exercise related, visit the Rhino Fitness home page for the complete list of articles.

You can do it!


2008 Cris LaBossiere Rhino Fitness

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