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Cycling Maps for Winnipeg area

Trails are mapped using the GPS function with the Google My Tracks app on my HTC Dream Android phone from Rogers Wireless.

View Team Ride Birds Hill Park MB in a larger map. Lot's of trails in Birds Hill Park; Ride for hours! Mild changes in elevation, nothing you would call a "hill".


View Whittier Park Mountain Biking Winnipeg MB in a larger map Includes YouTube Video clip. Great single track trail in the city. Short 10 to 15 min loops. Flat course. Tiny elevation changes (a few metres) on the south side of tracks.



View Nov 11 2009 Birds Hill Park Bur Oak + other in a larger map. Mild elevation changes (a few metres).

View Sept 6 2009 Birch Ski Area Manitoba in a larger map. Great mix of single track and double track. Some short steep hills. No climbs longer than a few minutes, but some are killer. The trails weave in and out of a bowl area so you're climbing/ descending often.

View Birch Ski Area Mountain Bike Nov 8 2009 in a larger map. One of the best trail systems in the province. Lot's of sweet single track, lot's of hills.


View Grand Beach MB Mountain Biking in a larger map. Some moderate climbs lasting a few minutes, most climbs are short and steep. Trails are in an area strewn with mild elevation changes, not much that is truly flat, lot's of false flats.

View Grand Beach MB Mountain Biking in a larger map

View Red River West Side South Of The Forks Winnipeg in a larger map. Lot's more great single track along the Red River. 6.25 k. Starts near BDI ends at The Forks. No climbs to speak of, but a few small 2 to 3 metre rollers.


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