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Happy Planet Does it Right (product review)

Happy Planet http://www.happyplanet.com makes fruit juice and fruit smoothies with no artificial additives. Visit the web page to find out how to get Happy in your area. Most Starbucks carry Happy Planet Juice products. One of the owners of Happy Planet, Randal Ius, and brother Andy are long time friends of mine. I am a strong supporter of food products that are natural and nutritious, and Happy Planet is by far the best in their trade.

Of all the products on the market that claim to deliver nutrition in a bottle while also tasting great, Happy Planet is the number one personal choice of Rhino Fitness. One of the most redeeming qualities about Happy Planet is the lack of typical hyped claims about being a cure-all. The market is saturated with all kinds of goofy products that have God knows what in the bottle and claims that they will cure your arthritis, build your muscles, and cure cancer. But not Happy Planet. They keep it real a deliver nutrition in its scientifically proven best absorbed form - real food. Go to (supplements increase cancer risk), (supplements don't increase performance), and ("health food" stores sell mostly pills, not food) for articles on how many supplements are merely hype, and how some are downright criminal and harmful to health.

Happy Planet steers clear of this stained part of the so-called "health food" industry and sets the standard that I hope others will follow. In fact, Happy Planet was awarded the "Overall Leadership Award" by Ethics In Action in October 2004.

Many juices on the market are made with with added sugar and sport the infamous "10% real juice" claim. What the heck is in the other 90% if only 10% is real?

You can get 280% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in the 325ml size of Happy Planets "abundant C". The first 3 main ingredients are; fresh-pressed apple juice, organic guava puree, and organic orange juice. Note that neither sugar nor water are in the top 3 ingredients, in fact nowhere do added sugar or water show up in the list of ingredients, it's all real fruit!

Never mind chalky tasting liquid meal replacement concoctions or sticky energy bars, Happy Planet is the real deal. It's all real fruit, super nutrient dense, and delicious. I like the "Extreme Green", the best. The 325ml Extreme Green is very nutrient dense and is a good source of iron, vitamin C, protein, potassium, and energy boosting carbohydrates with a total of 190 calories. Extreme Green is an excellent nutritious snack or small meal replacement. Perfect if you're on the go.

With happy planet being so nutrient dense, it could easily be part of any fat loss plan. While some dieters are still on the almost dead fad of low-carb diets, which cut out a prime source of vital vitamins, some have wised up and are returning to healthy dietary choices that include carbohydrates. In fact the leanest populations on the planet consume a diet that is about 50 to 60% carbohydrate. Go here to see how Canadians are not eating enough fruits and veggies. Since one Happy Planet is made with many pieces of fruit, it's easy to get a days worth of fruit servings in one shot.

Go to the images page here in the Rhino site and take a look a few pics of me during competitive cycling. My diet is about 65% carbohydrate when I'm racing and about 55 to 60% carbs during training. Do you see any fat on me? Exercise regularly and eat sensibly. Replace the doughnut with a Happy Planet, drop the French fries and get an Extreme Green instead. Seemingly small measures like this can help you lose fat effectively.

When looking for nutrition products, look at the real stuff first. If you're looking for something that tastes better than the run of the mill energy bar, and if you're looking for that boost before and after a workout, I say go for the Happy Planet. I know I write this review with the risk of being perceived as totally bias towards my friends products, and there is certainly a case to be made for that. But for those who know me, friend or no friend, no product gets my endorsement unless I use and like it myself. Be your own judge, Happy Planet really does make a great product.

Go here (Happy Planet web site) to get details on the happy Planet products below


Apple (organic)

Carrot (organic)


Orange (organic)






Current Passion

Man Goes Blueberry

Razzy Lime





Abundant C

Clean Green (organic)

Extreme Green

Lost Lagoon Mango

Lulu Island Blackberry

Radical Sabbatical (organic)

Righteous Raspberry

Sunset Beach Strawberry


- Cris LaBossiere

Happy Planet is available at most Starbucks in most cities.

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