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Healthy Chocolate muffins?

As heard on the Weekend Wakeup Show on CJOB with Laurie Langcastor

Oh yeah. It's true, I've created a recipe for healthy chocolate muffins that have a death by chocolate flavor that any chocoholic will appreciate.

Recently I dropped off a few for Laurie Langcastor, host of CJOB's Weekend Wakeup Show, Saturday and Sunday mornings 6 to 9 am (CJOB 680 on the AM dial or listen online at CJOB).

The verdict? She loved them. You can listen to Laurie's review on our healthy recipe segment by going to CJOB's audio vault- Sunday January 11 - slide the media player control to about 11 minutes in and that should take you there.

Laurie also tells all about her easy to prepare great tasting curie recipe with vegetarian and non vegetarian variants.

Want to make the standard peanut butter and jam sandwich more healthy? It's already a healthy snack but to add more vitamin E and C, try it with sunflower seed butter (more vitamin E) and blackcurrant jam. Blackcurrants have about 5X the vitamin C of an orange. So much vitamin C that not all is lost during the heat intensive jam making process.

A peanut butter and jam (or sunflower seed butter) sandwich made with blackcurrant jam will supply you with 25% of your vitamin C for the day! Tastes great, good for you too!

About those chocolate muffins..

I can't (err.. I wont) give the exact recipe, but I will say some of what they do and do not have:

No added butter, margarine, or lard

No eggs

No milk

No white flour

No added sugar

No salt

No artificial sweetener

The Bernard Callebaut semi sweet chocolate chips contain; semisweet chocolate (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), and may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, eggs and milk ingredients; according to ingredients info from Callebaut website

The muffins do have ground flax, whole grains, dark chocolate cocoa, and cranberries and are only 80 calories each.

These ugh.. Rhino's Chocolate Madness Muffins (I just made that up) have never failed to please, and everyone is shocked to learn they are actually healthy - for real. CJOB's Kevin Wallace also loved these truly great tasting chocolate muffins.

The genesis of these muffins? I was tired of satisfying my love of chocolate with fat and sugar laden high calorie crap. So I researched baking methods and experimented with ingredients until I found the perfect mix. The taste is rich and smooth, and they are healthy.

Want some? If you're in Winnipeg your in luck. Email me your order for $7.00 per dozen. We'll arrange pick up/ delivery.

Great for a quick healthy snack or for post exercise refueling.

Healthy salad coincidence:

In our recipe showdown Laurie mentioned a crowd pleasing salad that she brings to pot luck gatherings, rich with dark colored berries like blackberries and blueberries. She stole my thunder; that was to be my sprint to the finish line recipe.

Likewise my salad is also berry rich and is often the most talked about dish at a pot luck dinner; because it tastes great, AND is healthy.

Make your own mix, but include these ingredients to guarantee success at your next bring a dish event:

Black or red grapes (green grapes? Forgetaboutit! too low in antioxidants)

Blueberries (use frozen and add them when you arrive; the cool temp gives the salad a refreshing appeal


Saskatoon berries (you'll have to look around for these, usually only in the summer, and most likely from a local U-pick farm)

Strawberries (if possible, get organic strawberries as cultivated strawberries are rated as having amongst the most pesticide residue of any fruit/ produce)

Goji berries (very high in antioxidants, but claims of super high vitamin C have been independently shown to be about the same as strawberries, despite widespread claims of super vitamin C potency) - buy these at health food and bulk food stores.

Red pepper


Sunflower seeds


Dressing? If your salad has no leaf veggies in it, try a strawberry yogurt. If you add spinach or salad in a bag mix, use a low fat vinegaret

Preparation - drop dead easy. Berries require washing, but no chopping. Just wash them and plunk them in a bowl. Nuts? Drop them in. Broccoli and red pepper require a quick wash and a bit of chopping.

This super antioxidant salad is made in minutes and tastes fantastic. Sure to be a crowd pleaser, especially as there is more and more news regarding the importance of fruit and veggie intake for antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Rhino's Chocolate Muffin Madness available only in Winnipeg

to order email: Cris LaBossiere or call 227 9967



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