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Topic featured on the Weekend Wake Up Show on CJOB 680 am radio (Winnipeg) with host Luke EisBrenner. Go to the CJOB audio vault to listen to the segment (about 8:13 am Feb 15)

Healthy food cheaper than junk food - tastes good too

It's an old myth that just won't die: Junk food is cheaper than healthy food.

I'm gonna open a can of whoop-ass on this myth!

  Cost Snack Type Calories Vitamins and minerals % of daily needs
Junk Food snack $3.50 to $5.00
  • 235g bag of potato chips
  • 280 50g serving
  • 1568 cal for whole bag
  • 10% vitamin C (per 50g serving)
Healthy Food snack Less than $1.50
  • 250 ml 1% chocolate milk
  • 1 orange
  • 1 carrot
  • 260 (total calories for all three)
  • 160% vitamin C
  • 30% calcium
  • 45% vitamin D
  • 100% vitamin A
  • 22% fiber

The healthy snack detailed above is as fast as fast food can get. There is no preparation required and it tastes great.

For variety swap out the orange for an apple or banana. Looking for a few more calories to make a small meal? Buy 500 ml of skim milk. Total calories for the snack will increase by 90 for a total of 350 calories and great source of protein, and 60% calcium, 90% vitamin D (% daily intake).

Another option is adding a handful of healthy nuts such as sunflower seeds, almonds, or walnuts. Total calories will still be around 350, and you'll get a great dose of healthy fats and protein as well, plus vitamin E, and other nutrients.

If you're a soy milk drinker you'll get about the same calories and nutrient density as the milk choice by buying the soy milk equivalent.

The fruit, carrot, and nuts will also add valuable antioxidants; plant compounds that research has found to have health protective benefit's.

So if healthy eating is obviously cheaper while also tasting great and being the ultimate in convenience; why don't we make healthy choices more often?

Social conditioning. We're used to thinking and believing that healthy food is bland, labor intensive to prepare, and expensive. At the same time we're used to lamenting but accepting eating junk food, "well at least I'll get something in quick for now.. and what the hell, it tastes good".

Repeat these fallacies enough times and you'll be sure to believe them, and fall prey to the unhealthy outcome of becoming overweight and nutrient deprived.

Next time you're in a rush for food don't fall the old status quo of coffee and a donut/ muffin, or bag of chips. Get milk and a banana or similar. You'll be in and out of the store in a flash, your snack wont take long eat, will taste great, and provide valuable healthy vitamins and minerals - and you will actually feel good about what you ate, instead of feeling guilty - that alone is a huge benefit.

Eat healthy!


2009 Cris LaBossiere Rhino Fitness

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