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Ask me about high performance training, general exercise, fat loss, nutrition, or healthy living. I look forward to your questions


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Name: Harpreet

Question: I'm 24 years old..I have an special occasion of my life after 20 days...i just have love handle fat...i really want to lose..what u suggest me...should i join gym?? will it work in 20 days?? ANSWER

Name: J

Question: I'm female, 5'11", 217 lb.. I would like to lose at least 40-50 lb.. I do mostly walking on a treadmill , can't run for very long. My heart rate is usually up to 155- 160 at a 4.0 speed , at a 2.5- 3 incline. How many days a week should I exercise and for how long, also any weight training tips would be appreciated. I have a home gym. I really need to lose the weight for health reasons and would appreciate any advice. Thanks  ANSWER

Name: Ron

Question: Hi Cris

I wanted to call you when you were on CJOB, answering peoples questions.  I have a question,  my wife has thyroid issues and has a difficult time with her weight.

Do you have any suggestions for her on what diet, fitness activity she should do?


Ex rower needs to peak

Question: Hi i am an ex-rower and i would like to know what training cycle you would give to someone who\'s preparing for a 6-7min all out competition. Aerobic/anaerobic training thru the weeks till peak(race) ANSWER