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Rhino Fitness coaches members of the Woodcock team, including Woodcock store owner, Tim Woodcock. Rhino Fitness founder Cris LaBossiere is also a Woodcock team member. Team Woodcock won 18 medals in the 2003 Manitoba provincial Cycling Championships (Road and Off Road cycling).

All images on this page were captured using Cris's Treo 600 Smart Phone from Rogers Wireless.

Note 2010: I have since upgraded to the treo 650, 680, the HTC Tytn, HTC Touch, HTC Dream (Android), Samsung Jack, Blackberry Bold, and now the iPhone 3GS- all phones from Rogers.

Woodcock Cycle Works 433 St. Mary's RD Winnipeg MB (204) 253 5896 email

All images by Cris LaBossiere © Copyright 2004

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Birds Hill Park May 5 2004. 6 degrees C and very windy. Everybody was very cold on this day!

Tim W, Andrea, and Rob of Team Woodcock warm up for Time Trial (TT)

Andrea TT Start

Andrea TT Start

Rob TT start

Tim and Andrea

Tim Woodcock TT Start

Vo2 Max testing at the University of Manitoba Recreation Services lab with Ulla Liljegren.

Cris LaBossiere of Rhino Fitness has been tested at the U of M Frank Kennedy Centre and also brings his high performance athletes there for Vo2 Max testing using protocols specified by Cris. Anybody can be tested at the U of M, call for details at 204 747 6476.

Woodcock Team Member Mike Abriham Vo2 Test May 12, 2004

(Tim Woodcock was also tested at the U of M as well, no pics though)



Ulla (U of M) Tapes Mikes feet to the pedals.

More tape! We didn't have a 6mm allen key in the lab so we could not put Mikes clipless pedals on the test bike, hence the foot taping.

During a Vo2 Max test, a hose is placed in the athletes mouth and the nose plugged. The hose is hooked up to a computer that measures oxygen breathed in and carbon dioxide and oxygen breathed out.

Ulla monitors the 'Metabolic Cart', the computer and hardware that measures gases breathed in and out. Assisting Ulla is Jennifer Onyskie (background) controlling the resistance on the test bike.

Cris LaBossiere of Rhino Fitness takes a blood lactate sample with the Lactate Pro analyzer, which is the size of a credit card. For lactate testing at competitive events, lactate threshold testing, and training based on lactate/ heart rate/ wattage, contact Rhino Fitness.

Woodcock Team Member Tim Turenne Vo2 Test June 15, 2004

Ulla attaches the hose to Tim's face. He's not quite sure what he's in for..

Would you believe this ripped athlete is almost 50 years of age? He routinely kicks butt on the 20-something's - Tim won Silver and Bronze medals in Provincial Championships this year

Yes, it is somewhat uncomfortable. But hey, it's all in the name of science!


Cris takes another lactate sample.

Ulla's watchful eye analyzes the live data.

Various Race Pics 2004

Tim Woodcock gets low in a corner June 12 crit at Manitoba Legislative Grounds in Winnipeg

Tim Turenne squeaks out a fight for third place at the Swan River Manitoba road race July 11

Tim Turenne accepts his loot for taking third place at Swan River


Cris LaBossiere out front in the Swan River race. Cris took first place

Cris cools down after the race in Swan River

Team pic after Swan River race


Team Pic after Manitoba Provincial time trial championships Sept. 19.

Andrea Richardson looking a little cooked starting her cool down after her Vo2 max test at St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg MB Oct. 2004. Andrea won Gold in the MB Provincial time trial championships 2004






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