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2005 Team Woodcock Images

Rhino Fitness coaches members of the Woodcock team, including Woodcock store owner, Tim Woodcock. Rhino Fitness founder Cris LaBossiere is also a Woodcock team member.

Note 2010: I have since upgraded to the treo 680, the HTC Tytn, HTC touch, HTC Dream (Android), Samsung Jack, Blackberry Bold, and now the iPhone 3GS- all phones from Rogers.

Woodcock Cycle Works 433 St. Mary's Rd Winnipeg MB (204) 253 5896 email

All images by Cris LaBossiere © Copyright 2005

Sorry, not many pics this year. A bad crash in the spring had Cris and his camera phone absent from most of the races.

Click on an image to view a larger version.

Woodcock Team Member Bowen Neuhofer Volunteers For Athlete Study:

Cris LaBossiere helping Dr. Sat Sharma of St. Boniface Hospital (Winnipeg) conduct a study on Exercise Induced Arterial Hypoxemia- (Oxygen in arterial blood decreasing). On cyclists, runners, triathletes, skaters, X-country skier's, hockey, soccer etc. two groups: 1) elite athletes 2) recreational athletes - exercisers.


Bowen reading waver form for study as Patrick Harnett prepares the spirometry test (lung volume).

Bowen getting rolling on the maximum intensity test with an infrared pulse oximeter (measures pulse and blood oxygen saturation) fixed to his forehead.

Cris LaBossiere tests Bowens blood lactate at the end of the test.


Manitoba Provincial Time Trial And Road Race Medals 2005

Taken With Treo 650 Phone


Team Pic after Manitoba Provincial time trial championships August 27.

(L to R) Paul Sutherland Silver, Bowen Neuhofer Bronze, Tim Woodcock 4th Place, Andrea Richardson Gold, Tim Turenne Bronze, Rob Nagy 7th Place, Troy Ducharme Bronze

Andrea Richardson Silver Medal, MB Provincial Road Race Championships August 28 2005

Daniel Nemetchek (Left) Silver Medal & Bowen Neuhofer Bronze Medal, MB Provincial Road Race Championships August 28 2005


Tim Woodcock (Left) Silver Medal MB Provincial Road Race Championships August 28 2005.






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