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Supplements effect "proven" through studies
Yet another staple myth in the fitness business. So what do these studies actually study? Can you really improve your endurance with a supplement or sports drink? (Full Article)

Aerobics Classes - The Big Myth
Group exercise is a fine idea, when implemented properly, but individual coaching is more productive.
(Full Article ) includes audio

Fast Fat Loss
If you lose more than 2 pounds of weight per week you are most likely losing water and muscle, as well as some fat. Surprisingly, even with knowing this many people will still do diets that cause unhealthy rapid weight loss. (Full Article)

Eating more protein means gaining more muscle
This is one of the more staple myths in fitness. Many who train with weights to achieve larger muscles believe with a religious tenacity that simply eating more protein while lifting heavy weights will result in rapid growth of huge muscles. Not gaining muscle fast enough? Eat more protein! - Or so goes the myth. (Full Article) includes audio


Disclaimer: These articles are not intended to provide specific advice to any one individual, they are intended to offer general facts and opinions on the topic of fitness and nutrition. Persons who require specific exercise or nutrition advice should consult a physician, fitness expert, or dietitian for personal advice.

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