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2004 Competative Cycling Results

Team Woodcock wins MEDALS!

Congratulations to the following Rhino Fitness trained Team Woodcock athletes on their achievements in the 2004 cycling season!

  • Tim Woodcock 2004: Silver in MB Provincial Road Race, Gold in MB Provincial Criterium

  • Bowen Neuhofer 2004: Gold in MB Provincial Road Race, Bronze in MB Provincial Time Trial, Silver in MB Provincial Criterium, Bronze; tied with Cris LaBossiere in MB Road Cup Points

  • Tim Turenne 2004: Silver in MB Provincial Road Race, Bronze in MB Provincial Time Trial, Silver in MB Road Cup Points

  • Andrea Richardson 2004: Gold in MB Provincial Time Trial, Silver in MB Road Cup Points

Cris LaBossiere's training logs:

February 2004 Training

Cris LaBossiere's Race Results 2004:

Click on HRM to view heart rate profile of race

  • May 29-30 Stage race: 1st place road race HRM, 2nd place criterium, 7th place time trial
  • June 12-13 Stage race: 6th place road race, 6th place criterium, 4th place time trial
  • June 23 Mountain bike race: Dead last!
  • July 7 Criterium: 1st place
  • July 11 Road race: 1st place HRM
  • July 14 Mountain bike race: 3rd place HRM
  • August 5 Criterium, 7th place
  • August 12 Criterium, 2nd place HRM
  • August 19 Criterium 7th place
  • Cris took 3rd place in the Manitoba Cup (Road) for 2004
  • August 22 BC Provincial Criterium Champs (cat 4): Second to last!
  • August 22 BC Provincial Criterium Champs (Masters 30-39): Bronze HRM



  • August 26 Criterium, 2nd place HRM
  • August 26 Criterium, second to last place (Cat 2) HRM
  • August 29 Mountain bike race 5th place
  • September 19 MB Provincial Time Trial Champs 4th place HRM
  • September 25 MB Provincial Criterium Champs (Masters 30-39): Bronze



Details below

Cris Wins!: Cris took 1st place HRM in the road race, 2nd place in the criterium, and 7th place in the time trial in the Falcon Lake Gold Stage Race held May 29-30 2004 in Falcon Lake Manitoba. A stage race is a bicycle race event with several races held over several days. The Tour De France is the worlds most famous stage race.

This was my first competition of the year, in fact this was the first time I road my road bike outside! I use a Tacx ergotrainer (indoor trainer that the bike attaches to) for the majority of my training. I felt strong in the criterium. I hooked up with Bowen Neuhofer and together we made a breakaway and finished the race 1-2, with Bowen winning the crit. The road race the next day was in cold and miserably rainy weather on a rolling hills course. I again hooked up with Bowen. We played it conservative until the final 10 kilometers where we attempted a break. We couldn't hold off the pack like we did in the crit, so we backed off and sat in with group that caught us. The tension was high for the last 5 k as we all jockeyed for position. My legs were so baked I could not stand up to sprint, I just barely won the race by a wheel with a seated sprint. After the race I asked Bowen to join the Woodcock team, he accepted. I now coach him as well. Watch for this guys name in the future! - Cris

Stage Race: June 12 -13, 2004. Criterium 6th place (Winnipeg, Manitoba), time trial 4th place (Winnipeg, Manitoba), road race 6th place (Minnedosa, Manitoba).

The crit was a short and fast square course around the legislative buildings in the city of Winnipeg. At times at a criterium, race officials ring a cow bell to signal the last lap of the race. Oddly enough there was a very young spectator (6yrs old?) with her own toy cow bell. The youngster kept ringing the cow bell near the end of the race and I could not tell when the last lap was! I came in sixth place thinking I had one lap to go. I was being a little too confident sitting at the back of the pack with a plan to blow by everyone at the end. With this position I was too far away to tell the difference between the official bell-lap and the child's ongoing bell-laps. Oh well, I can laugh at it now! The next day in the road race I had a very fast decent on a big hill. This gave me a big gap on the pack. With a major uphill approaching in the next 10 minutes I thought I should wait for the pack because staying out front would tire me too much. Instead I decided to test myself and maintain the solo breakaway. Well... the pack caught me on the climb and passed me like I was standing still! I fought hard by myself for 11 kilometers and I caught the pack again. I was tied with another rider for 1st place 20 metres from the finish line. I had no legs left at all, and 5 riders passed me at the line. That was a tough race! - Cris

Mountain Bike Race: June 23 2004, dead last! (Birds Hill Park Manitoba)Uh.., Cris is not much of an MTB racer, he races MTB primarily for fun, road racing is his focus.

This entire race is single track, about 1/3 fairly straight and fast, about 1/3 twisty and fast, and about 1/3 with very sharp tight turns with trees brushing elbows on both sides, a few roots and rocks, and a couple of small logs across the trail. I came to a complete stop a of couple times with not being able to negotiate tight turns. This was my first time on the trails this year. Mountain Biking is a thrill a second, riding at high speed through twisty trails (well uh, most of the time). I had lots of fun! - Cris

Criterium: July 7 2004, Cris Wins! (Stony Mountain Manitoba)

This was a classic square course of 1.3 kilometres, uphill on half the course and downhill on the other half. On the second lap I moved out front fast. This move split the pack, leaving I think two to four riders with me. The race was only 20 minutes + 5 laps (or was it 3 laps?). I rode at the fastest pace I knew I could hold for 20 minutes. I rode out front for most of the race, this left two riders with me at the end. On the second to last lap, I sat in behind one of the riders. On the last lap I attacked on the uphill, dropping the two riders for a solo win. - Cris

Road Race: July 11 2004, Cris Wins! (Swan River Manitoba) HRM

This was circuit race on a 10 kilometre course that we did laps on. Half the race had lots of corners and block-long rolling hills and the other half open highway. I wasn't sure what was going to happen here as there were a couple of athletes that I hadn't seen before at the start line. I led the pack on each lap through the corners, but my cornering was not as good as I would like it to be. However, the pack let me work the corners anyway. On the last lap the pace slowed considerably on the open highway section, a common occurrence as everyone wants to be rested for the final push to the finish. I knew if I was into the corners first, I would have a good chance of winning. I was out front riding slow, watching over my shoulders for someone to move. Two riders sprinted, but my sprint was faster and I made it to the corner first. Four corners later was the finish line and I won. Two wins in a row! - Cris

Mountain Bike Race: July 14, 3rd place (Birds Hill Park Manitoba) HRM

This was a big surprise to me as only three weeks ago I was dead last on the same course and had a lot of trouble staying on the trail. I had not been on the trails since that race three weeks ago, so this race was my second time on trails this year. I still had "technical" trouble as I hit a couple of trees pretty hard with my shoulder and elbow (only minor scrapes with blood). However, this was my best MTB ride in at least 10 years. I managed to find my groove on many of the tight corners, and this time I didn't have to stop. I was definitely faster than most on the straight sections passing many with none passing me. But, in the technical sections most were considerably faster than me. I have a lot of respect for the skill of those riders; from my perspective as a road racer, it is uncanny how the mountain bikers negotiate those twists and turns, they are terrific athletes! - Cris

Manitoba Cup (Road) 2004 3rd overall

A total surprise to me as I did not enter all of the cup events. I was not keeping track of my points, and considered the cup series a write-off for me since I didn't enter all the races. In fact, this was intended as my first year back at serious competition after a debilitating hamstring injury and chronic cramping problem kept me down for a few seasons. It turned out though that my points earned in the cup races I did enter were good enough for 3rd overall. A nice surprise! -Cris

Criterium: August 5, 2004 7th place (Richmond British Columbia)

While visiting Vancouver BC for one month, I took in a few local races. Team Coastal hosts the Workopolis Thursday Challenge, a series of criteriums on a fantastic course with easy to negotiate corners. The systems for placing riders in categories for Manitoba and British Columbia are a little different, as well as the caliber of rider being higher overall in BC making for a greater challenge. In this first race I led the pack on the first lap and for many laps in the race. Not always a wise decision when you are not familiar with the competition. As a consequence, I was pooped out at the end and was passed by several riders close to the line.- Cris

Criterium: August 12, 2004 2nd place (Richmond British Columbia) HRM

Same race as last week. This time I was more conservative thus conserving energy for the finish. My timing was not bad providing me with a second place finish. My fitness has bumped up a notch as this is the time in my annual plan to increase intensity in my training. Riding the mountains and steep hills of the Lower Mainland of BC adds an excellent challenge. Riding against the BC riders is exactly what I need right now. - Cris

Criterium: August 19, 2004 7th place (Richmond British Columbia)

Same race as the prior two weeks. I rode very conservatively in this race and had lots left at the end. I was certain throughout the race I would finish top 3 if not win. I came in 7th because I didn't follow my game plan. I had picked out who were likely to be the fast sprinters. My plan was to let them lead out and take them at the line - a classic tried and true strategy. I choked on my plan though. There were a few riders who had about 20 metres on the pack about 100 metres from the finish line. I became anxious and chased them down. Can you say "rookie"? Turned out they were no threat. However I wasted my reserve in bridging (closing the gap), and the rider who I wanted to follow was on my wheel, making me lead him out. Seems he had the same plan as me. As soon as I slowed slightly from fatigue, the others flew by me in the same way I intended to fly by them. - Cris

BC Provincial Criterium Champs: August 22, 9:20 am (cat 4): Second to last! HRM

Being from Manitoba, the good folks in BC allowed me to enter the men's cat 4 race, which I promptly got my ass kicked in! When racing Provincials, you must race your age group with the exception of cat 1-2. Had I won the cat 4 race, I would not receive a medal as I was racing out of category, and from out of province. In the last year I have not done any sprint training or weight training (other than re-hab) on my legs, and as such I have no sprint. This course was short (900 metres) with a somewhat steep uphill/ downhill circuit. I missed a jump early in the race (no sprint) and was off the back. I did however manage to continue at the same pace as the pack, for the rest of the race they gained no further time on me. I felt very good about this and am confident once my sprint is back next year I will be well on my way to dominating in the next category up, next year.

BC Provincial Criterium Champs August 22, 11:20am (Masters 30-39): Bronze! HRM

This race was started one hour after I finished the previous race. I decided to enter the Masters race as a test to how I would hold up against my BC peers. I knew the BC riders were faster, and I wanted to find out by how much. In this race we are bunched by age, I was racing against males 30-39 years of age. When racing by age, riders of any category are included. Luckily there were no cat 2 riders, but there were some cat 3's. Again in this race I missed a jump near the beginning of the race, and again I maintained pace allowing me to win the bronze medal. As an indication of how much strength I have lost in my legs since a hamstring injury plagued me (it's much better now) look at these comparisons:

Fastest sprint speed on flat road with no wind: Before injury - 65-70 km/ hr.; This year - 52- 55 km/hr

Maximum weight lifted in single leg squat: Before injury - Two 120 LB dumbbells X 4 reps; This year - no weights yet, just started base training after re-hab. I use my body weight only right now!

I am happy with my race results on the minimal training I've had this year. I'm sure I won't be missing many jumps when my leg strength is back up! I'll keep you informed.. - Cris

Criterium: August 26 2nd place (Richmond BC) HRM

Another Criterium in Richmond. I really enjoyed these well run races. I was second place by a tire which made me very confident that I can certainly win against these riders in BC. While Manitoba has riders that are quite fit as well, the BC'ers have more riders at the top level, and greater hill climbing ability.

Criterium: August 26 second to last place - cat 1,2,3 (Richmond BC)

This race really made me feel great! I entered it 20 minutes after placing 2nd in the race above. I had been racing cat 4 and age group in this, my first year back at serious competition after injury. I asked if I may enter the cat 2 race to test myself and was granted permission. While categories 1,2,3 were raced together, there weren't many cat 3's and the pace at 44-50 km/hr was definitely a cat 2 pace. While challenging I didn't over extend myself riding in the pack. On the 3rd to last lap I decided to bridge a gap to a breakaway group. This proved to be beyond my current ability. I fatigued and was spit out the back. I managed to pull two other riders for two laps tying with one and beating the other at the line. At this time my fitness is good enough to survive at the cat 2 level in Criteriums, but not good enough to be a threat. That will take about 12 to 24 months of training!

Mountain Bike Race: August 29 5th place (Grand Beach Manitoba)

I was surprised I placed at all in this race, as I arrived late and started about 4 minutes after my category was released. I decided to ride it out for the experience. I did catch quite a few people, but didn't look back to see what category they were in, turns out I did pass a few in my category. I believe I would have placed top 3 if I started on time. I was quite tired with my flight from Vancouver arriving after midnight the night before this race, and was a little too sluggish getting my butt out the door in the morning. The course was very fast with lots of wide trails as well as single track. There were quite a few sand traps but they didn't prove to be a major challenge.

MB Provincial Time Trial Championships September 19, 2004 (Masters 30-39): 4th HRM

Another surprise as the time trial is not my best suit. A time trial is a race against the clock over a fixed distance where each rider rides alone.

MB Provincial Criterium Championships September 25, 2004 (Masters 30-39): Bronze

This was a great way to end my first serious season back at racing in almost 10 years, and also coming back from injury and overtraining. Last year (2003) a hamstring injury and a chronic cramping problem prevented me from finishing many of the races I entered, and from making the fitness gains I need to compete consistently well. I'm very excited about competing next season and hope to improve over this years results.

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The 2004 race season is over. This year was a great success for my athletes and myself. The 2005 season begins in late April.


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