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Rhino Fitness strength training programs are designed to meet your needs

  • Sport specific training
  • Functional training
  • Fat loss
  • Gaining muscle mass
  • High performance
  • Healthy lifestyle

Rhino Fitness cardio programs are 100% individualized

Service in Winnipeg:

House calls - I come to you

I'm also available at many fitness clubs in Winnipeg, such as;

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Assiniboine Athletic Club is a great full service fitness centre in downtown Winnipeg with friendly service and very competitive prices. Your first two visits are free. Drop in, multi visit passes, short and long term memberships available.

Call me (Cris) at 204 227 9967 or email me at clabossiere@rhinofitness.ca for more info or to book an appointment

Call the Assiniboine Athletic Club at 204 942 3488 for details regarding club rates etc.

Before starting with a Rhino Fitness service, or starting exercise on your own, click here to complete the PAR-Q health questionnaire.

Fat Loss and General Fitness:
More and more North Americans are becoming overweight each year due to inactivity and overeating. Many struggle through short term weight loss schemes.

Any person can lose fat and get in shape; it's a matter of being consistent with healthy exercise and nutrition. Rhino Fitness is there every step of the way to help with the cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges that we all face when changing to a healthy lifestyle. You really can do it! (Click here to learn about the myth of rapid fat loss)


Training didn't get you what you wanted? Have you ever had a clinically accurate fitness assessment? Let Rhino Fitness establish your lactate threshold and provide a training plan that will break all your personal best benchmarks.

With an unprecedented and unmatched attention to technical detail and individual personal needs, Rhino Fitness will continually assess your training needs and continually update your training program to help you achieve your personal best.

Rhino Fitness has been using plyometrics, sport specific training, all forms of strength training, functional training, and balance training for over 20 years. We eliminate over-hyped fad routines and use methods that produce results. We understand demanding team competition and travel schedules, training camp tests, dietary needs and all aspects of developing top performing athletes. We structure Periodized plans from weekly to full five year plans for the serious athlete, as well as being available at any time to provide short-term assistance to self-coached athletes.

Specialized Services and Customized Training

We offer blood lactate testing, computer heart rate analysis and training by power (wattage) to determine your correct exercise intensity, measure improvement, and monitor fatigue. This sets us completely apart from the tired status quo of applying the same age/ heart rate formula to everyone. We will provide you with a tailor-made assessment that includes verbal and written feedback concerning your results along with a training plan. Allow our certified Planning Specialist (certified by Tudor Bompa) to create and implement a Periodization training plan for you..

Our attention to detail is second to none. Each exercise will be skillfully demonstrated, explained, and instructed. If you have experience with personal trainers, come to Rhino Fitness and experience a higher level of instruction with professional coaching; you will never go back!

If you have any questions about the listed items or want to know if we provide a services not listed here, please contact us at info@rhinofitness.ca or 204 227 9967

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